By Luke Voogt

Careless litterers dumped household rubbish, dirty nappies and broken glass at a collection bin in Geelong West this month, putting the site’s future at risk.
Nearby worker Sebastian Sliccavento, who went to investigate the unsightly mess, described the actions of the dumpers as “very miserable”.
“I said ‘what the bloody hell is this’?” the 74-year-old said.
“I’ve got no idea who’s done this. It’s the worst I’ve seen and I’ve been working on Pako for nearly 10 years.”
Nearby residents took to social media to condemn the litterers and described the dumping as a regular occurrence.
“Absolutely sick to death of seeing this,” one resident said.
“Do you really have to dump this right in the middle of town, how friggin lazy does someone have to be?
“All your dirty trash has blown into my yard, and all over the street. I understand tip fees aren’t cheap but come on!”
Melton charity Community Care World Mission (CCWM) operates the collection site on Weller Street, just off Pako, to support its community meal programs.
CCWM is a non-profit group addressing food security in Melton while providing unemployment training in hospitality and retail to deliver its programs.
The group provides up to 200 meals and over 1000 bakery items free every week to the community, chairwoman Reverend Julie Shannon said.
“I personally am disappointed when this type of thing happens, but we can’t let it change our attitude towards people or affect what we do for our local community.”
The charity’s collectors took about two hours to clean the site, wasting valuable time they could have dedicated to those in need, Rev Shannon said.
“It’s hard to quantify a cost into this but it certainly makes things more difficult for us. Unfortunately there will always be the odd few people who are either uncaring or unaware.
“We try not to focus too much on these things and prefer to just get it cleaned up ASAP and get on with serving our community.”
Rev Shannon, who has volunteered for 13 years at CCWM, said dumping rubbish at collection sites could lead to their closure.
“In times past there have been a couple of sites lost due to lots of rubbish dumping.”
She said security cameras could help, but believed educating the community in the value of welfare organisations and recycling would be most effective.
“Anything that helps prevent the dumping of rubbish at clothing bins would be welcomed.”
Rev Shannon warned that dumping rubbish at collection sites was illegal.
“I don’t believe it is a common occurrence at this site,” she added.
The collectors found Centrelink receipts and other papers belonging to a North Geelong resident, whose name the Voice has chosen not to disclose, amongst the rubbish.
“I’ve never seen it that bad,” one of the collectors said.
Mr Sliccavento allowed the site collectors to use the dumpster at Geelong Fresh Foods to clean the mess.
“We were able to help out someone else,” he said.

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