Raymond Walters Penangk is an Indigenous man with a passion for Aboriginal culture and art.
Raymond and his wife Naomi moved to Geelong three years ago for their daughter’s schooling and the couple have just opened Penangk Aboriginal Art Gallery on Pakington Street in Geelong West.
Penangk is Raymond’s ‘skin name’. Aboriginal skin name kinship systems exist in many Aboriginal language groups.
“My husband, Raymond Walters Japanangka/Penangk is an artist – we previously owned a successful Aboriginal art gallery in Alice Springs before moving to Geelong,” Naomi Walters said.
“We have called Geelong home for three years and absolutely love living here. There is a buzz of excitement on Pakington and we feel privileged to be a part of it.”
Penangk is an authentic Aboriginal art business that focuses on sharing the stories depicted by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.
“We believe families and individuals in Geelong are excited about Aboriginal art,” Naomi said.
“We want to add more to the art buying experience. We aim to do this by firstly, ensuring stories and biographies accompany the paintings via certificates of authenticity, and that we, at Penangk Gallery honour the artist by learning the artist’s stories depicted in their paintings and have knowledge about them and their communities. Aboriginal art is about stories, most of which are linked to traditional ceremonies, songlines and personal journeys. There is an opportunity to bridge the gap in understanding the basis of where Aboriginal art derives.”
The gallery has so far been well received in Geelong West.
“We have had a lot of support, which we are very grateful for,” Naomi said.
“We did a walk down Pakington to meet some other small business owners who were all very supportive and equally excited.
“There are some promising young Indigenous artists in Geelong.
“That is probably the most exciting aspiration for Penangk Gallery, working with community members who want to share their stories through this medium, who would like to learn about the art world and potentially learn how to manage their own careers,” Naomi said.
You’ll find Penangk Aboriginal Art Gallery at Shop 3/112 Pakington Street, Geelong West. Visit online at penangk.com

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