THE waiting lines continue to stretch all the way to Nando’s and The Red Poppy florist.
But it comes as no surprise to the boys behind the burgers at Boss Burger Co.
Business owner Tim Harrison, along with his three mates, brothers Jamie and Jerry Kolovos and John Katos from Launch Espresso and Kitchen launched Boss Burger six months ago.
After spending months sampling the perfect meat pattie, the boys knew they had created the “ideal burger” – a burger Geelong had never seen before.
Tim, who also owns Breakwater Panels, discovered his passion for burgers when “burgers were going crazy a couple of years ago”.
“I was flat out always eating burgers,” the panel beater laughs.
“I was always travelling to Melbourne and following food bloggers on Instagram.”
Not long after, Tim created the @burgers_of_geelong Instagram page which gave him a platform to review and critique burger joints around Melbourne and Geelong.
“I decided to create a burger and put it on the menu at Launch.
“It had everything in it; pulled pork, beef, onion rings, cheese – heaps of stuff,” Tim says.
And the result?
“People kept coming in saying they wanted it – so we decided we would hold a burger night in Geelong,” Tim says.
After completely selling out of burgers, Tim suggested to Jamie they do it as a “permanent thing”.
“And that’s where Boss Burger came from,” Tim beams.
“People wait in the line longer than what they wait for the food – we get it out really quick.
“It’s a credit to our kitchen staff,” Tim says.
But the business name didn’t come so easy.
“We had so many names that didn’t make the cut. Right up to the last second we had different names.
“But when we said Boss Burger Co., we just knew that was it,” Tim says.
Asked if the majority of patrons are burger-loving boys, Tim laughs and reveals the girls are also ordering “big burgers”.
“The girls are crazy; they’re almost outdoing the men.
“You see the same people coming back, but also new people who say they’ve heard good things and want to give it a try,” Tim says.
The busy burger joint was formerly a noodle canteen which took three months to renovate.
“We totally gutted it; we built it from the ground up.”
Tim and Jamie worked with a designer to create the “street vibe” eatery.
Neon lights, black and white checkered flooring and “bosses on the walls” all work to create a vibe new to Geelong.
The space is just as inviting as the burgers are mouth-watering.
“Tommy the Chook sells well,” Tim says, describing the southern fried chicken burger served with cheese, slaw and sriracha mayo.
“It’s equally as good as our signature burger – The Boss.
“We don’t have a huge range, we stick to the basics and do them really well.
“Our burger is just far superior from the sauce, cheese, meat and the bun – it’s all custom made.
“No-one else has this stuff.
“We have a high turnover, the kitchen is very fast paced – the amount of stuff we go through is constant,” Tim says.
But it’s all in a day’s work for Tim.
“I work at Breakwater Panels and then go to Boss during my lunch breaks. Then I come back to Breakwater and head back to Boss for the evenings,” he says.
Tim also runs the @bossburgerco, @burgers_of_geelong and @breakwaterpanels Instagram pages.
“Jamie and I both have very understanding wives – Elke and Angie both come down to Pako and have a burger.
“It’s the best location in Geelong by far – there’s so much foot traffic,” Tim says.
With monster waiting lines, it seems only fitting that Boss Burger opens a new store to service more people.
And that’s exactly what the team are planning to do.
“We can’t let too much out of the bag – but we will be opening a new store soon,” Tim reveals.
Asked if the new location will be in Geelong, Tim confirms it will be.
“And everywhere else in the world – we’re going global,” he laughs.
Boss Burger Co. is open from 11am to 9.30pm Wednesday to Sunday, at 206 Pakington Street, phone 5223 3219.

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