Hello foodies,
Another month has flown by and I was stumped as to what to do this month.
So I thought I would interview a local PT and health nut.
Lilly Kerr is a self-confessed fitness chick who thrives on adrenalin, she loves being outdoors and is constantly on the move.
She’s a passionate young 21-year-old who seems very ambitious and enthusiastic about everything.
Ballarat born, Lilly has called Geelong her home for a little while as she had been studying at Deakin Uni. She was studying commerce which she found interesting but wasn’t her passion. During this time she went on to study fitness as well and is still studying components now.
She now dedicates her time to training clients between here and Ballarat as well as building up her business Macfilly fitness.
Her clientele is ever growing and will continue grow as her next step on her journey takes her to Bendigo where she endeavours to study teaching, mainly focusing on outdoor education and PE teaching.
In between all of it she dedicates her time to Crossfit which she has just discovered and working within a volunteer program in Ballarat working with kids, oh and did I mention she just came back from doing the trek to Mt Everest base camp? WOW!
When I sat down with Lilly, she already had a big bowl of fruit cut up for us and some yogurt for us to nibble over throughout the interview, which brought us to the topic of nutrition and eating well.
She talks about how important it is to keep your body fuelled throughtout the day to keep you going, eating fresh foods and healthy proteins.
Her day on a plate consists of a protein shake, a protein meal filled with salad or vegetables and she doesn’t shy away from the odd bit of chocolate “all in moderation”.
We couldn’t help but ask what her favourite cafes along Pako are? She loves the French corner cafe, Box Office as its outdoors and has a very good vibe, she even tells
me Bar pizza is the best pizza on Pako.
We also asked her where are some fun places to work out? Along the waterfront as there are so many stairs and it’s a great cardio workout, the run between
Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads seems to be her favourite.
We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Lilly. If you want to check out her journey her details are: Instagram: @macfilly.fitness; Facebook: /macfilly fitness; website: www.macfilly.com

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