Burger Inc has raised $5721 for the Royal Children’s Hospital, an increase from last year’s donation.
But it’s not just about the amount of money raised, Burger Inc business owner Hilal Acar said.
“In some ways, yeah it is, it’s our way we can help out, but there’s so many other ways you can help,” he said.
All of the 13 April day’s takings have now been donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, a cause close to Hilal’s heart.
“We raised about an extra $500 compared to last year’s donation,” she said.
“Easter is such a quiet time, there’s not many people around, so we were happy with the response.
“Last year when we did it, we didn’t really advertise, whereas this year people were making the effort to get involved.
“A lot of other business wanted to get involved and we had our own Pako community coming down to eat that night.”
Hilal said the Burger Inc team pumped out lots of “fried chicken club” and “number two” burgers that day.
“We did so many of those,” she said.
The team at Burger Inc view the business’s tradition as a chance to give back to the community.
“It’s something we’ve done for years.
“It’s not about us at all, a lot of people that came down were really involved, everyone was asking about it, it was a really positive thing for everyone involved.”

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