By Emily Robinson

It’s YOUR lipstick.
From the base, colour, fragrance and even the shimmer – it’s all designed by you.
That’s why cosmetic nurse injector Marsha Davies has fallen in love with The Lip Lab.
Marsha, a qualified nurse, was looking for a new venture before undertaking a license agreement with The Lip Lab.
Originally from a small town in north-east Victoria, Marsha and her family recently moved to Geelong for the “fantastic schooling opportunities for children”.
“I’ve been a nurse for over 22 years, I’ve got a lot of experience working overseas,” she says.
“I’ve been doing injectables for quite a few years now and that forms the main part of my business.
“I offer anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers including lip and cheek fillers, and skin needling.
“I love enhancing what my client’s already have, it’s all about the ‘less is more’ natural look.”
Also very interested in lipstick and enhancing natural beauty, Marsha started looking at lipsticks available in salons.
“Eventually I came across the The Lip Lab concept online,” she smiles.
“Basically when you come in, you get to choose your own base – so you might choose vegan, butter, cream or matte,” Marsha explains.
“Then you choose your colour and the girls will mix it with the base you’ve chosen.”
Customers then trial the combination, before deciding if it’s just right or if they would like it lighter or darker.
“Once you’re settled on the colour, you can add additives, such as SPF, lip plumper, fragrances and even sparkles and foils if you want a shimmer.”
Marsha’s team of four girls are all make-up gurus and love helping customers with their lipstick formulas.
“We put the lipstick into the lipstick making machine and then it gets set into the mould – the whole process takes about half an hour to do.
“I wouldn’t buy lipstick anywhere else now. The four girls know all about make-up and they’re also in love with the products.”
Located on Shannon Avenue for just a little over one week, The Lip Lab is already capturing the local area’s attention.
“All the local businesses in the area have been fantastic; they’re really interested in what we do.
“The Lip Lab offers something different, it’s a new concept that is quite exciting – we’re looking forward to doing hens and birthday parties here,” Marsha enthuses.
The Lip Lab is at 138 Shannon Avenue, Geelong West, phone 4218 8436.

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