A moment with studio founder and owner Mikayla Thomas from Move & Be Barre Studio

How would you describe Move & Be Barre Studio?
Move & Be Barre Studio is a place where people can switch of and unwind from their everyday lives, while doing their exercise in a beautiful, light-filled space.

What do you love about barre?
I love the variety and challenge that barre offers. You have the option of doing a slower paced, yoga-style barre class (Barre Balance), or a more intense cardio-based class (Barre Dynamic) depending on what you feel like on the day.

What is your most popular class?
The Barre Strength & Define class, followed closely by the Barre Dynamic class. Everyone seems to love the challenge.

How many classes should people attend per week?
I recommend doing three classes per week to build strength and definition in your body, as well as taking the time out for themselves.

How many different teachers do you have at Move & Be and can you tell us a little about them?
There are two other teachers at Move & Be – first we have Jo, who’s passionate about yoga and movement, her classes are challenging, structured and fun. Elise is our second teacher to come on board, her background is in clinical Pilates giving her an extensive knowledge of the body. Her classes are dynamic, creative and challenging.

You’re very active on Instagram, how does this help you engage with the Pako community?
Instagram is a great way to give the Pako community little snippets of who we are, and what we do. We like to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and move.

Which class would you recommend for beginners?
Barre Balance is a great class for beginners as its slower paced than the other barre classes. In all of our classes, we offer modifications to make an exercise more or less challenging, as well as assisting with injuries or pregnancy.

Do you have any special offers going at the moment?
Yes we have the $50, two-week intro offer for new clients, giving them two weeks of unlimited classes.

What makes you different to similar businesses on Pako?
I think the other yoga/Pilates studios on Pako Street all want to inspire people to move, exercise and live a healthy life. Move & Be is different because we want to create a space where people can connect, feel a part of a community, and grow in the process. We see ourselves as less of an exercise destination, and more of a way of life.

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