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Grub Guide’s Allira Potter shares one of her favourite summer recipes with Voice on Pako.

Hello foodies,
How was everyone’s Christmas break?
I didn’t get much of a break but I’ve done lots of eating, cooking and photographing food of course.
We have also been creating and making lots of fresh summer dishes.
Lots of fresh salads, smoothies and other yummy things.
The one thing we have been loving at the moment is rice paper rolls. The best thing about rice paper rolls is that you can put anything in them and they are a quick easy lunch or dinner.
We fill ours with so many vegetables and we often put fresh prawns in ours, but you could put things like tofu, beef, pork or chicken in yours.
I thought I would share my easy go to recipe for a summer’s night, you could even be a little naughty and fill them with banana and deep fry them … YUM!
Happy rolling!

Rice paper rolls

What you will need:
1 bowl of warm water
Clean bench top
Plate with a wet cloth (to place your rolled rice paper rolls on)
1x packet of rice paper sheets (available from any supermarket within the Asian food section)
1 packet of rice noodles (soak these in boiling water prior until nice and soft)
2 cups of sliced up vegetables of your choice, eg: half a red capsicum, grated carrot, sliced cucumber
1 handful of chopped coriander
Protein of your choice if you wish

Step one – grab your rice paper and carefully place it in your bowl of warm water to soak for a little bit, the trick with this is to not let it go completely see through.
Step two – place your rice paper on your clean bench and grab a small amount of noodles and place them closest to you on your rice paper, allow a little bit of room so you can fold these, follow this by adding a small amount of vegetables, herbs, and your protein.
Step three – once you have all the ingredients on your rice paper you can start rolling. Grab the end closest to you and fold away then grab the left side of the rice paper and fold it towards the middle and do the same for the right side.
Then roll again, repeat this until your rice paper is tucked in and ready to be eaten.
For sauces, we like to make a staple Asian sauce which is made up of a mixture of sweet soy sauce, chillies and lime juice, but you could have tamari if you can’t have gluten.

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