GRILLED on pako

It was his wife and children that encouraged business owner John Liu to purchase Pako Fish and Grill this year.
“I previously operated a furniture business where I made custom handmade furniture,” John says.
“After many years of hard work, I decided to look for something new.”
Now with just over four months of business at Pako Fish and Grill under his belt, John has already managed to achieve a five-star rating.
“It all comes down to providing the best quality food and exceptional friendly service,” John explains.
John offers service with a friendly smile and greets his regular customers by name.
He also owns and operates a fish and chip shop on Sunset Strip in Ocean Grove, which he opened two years ago.
But his two daughters, aged four and seven, are “always asking to come to Pako”.
“Before I bought this shop, my daughters would come to Pako and each time they would ask me, ‘can we have this shop?’
“They talked me into buying it – they love ordering chips and chicken nuggets.”
Asked what his favourite fish is, John doesn’t hesitate in answering, “the flake” with a smile.
“It’s because it’s delivered fresh every morning and I fillet it by hand.
“Our most popular order is the Pako Pack, which includes one flake, one dim sim, one hand-dipped potato cake, 1/2 size chips, tartar sauce and a wedge of lemon.
“We also have a Family Pack, which is simular but serves four. This includes four flakes, four potato cakes, four dim sims, four calamari rings, medium chips, lemon wedges and a large tartar sauce.
“For a healthier and refreshing option on the warmer days, we serve a chargrilled calamari salad that our customers love.
“Our difference is that customers can order healthy options and also use the menu as a guide to create their own tasty dishes.”
Pako Fish and Grill is at 142 Pakington Street, Geelong West, phone 5229 7771, or order online and check out the menu at pakofishandgrill.com.au

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